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Preparatory Course for Acquiring an MBA

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There is a system called “MBA Single Courses” that is being employed to offer preparatory courses for acquiring an MBA. In this educational program designed for working people, students can take single courses to acquire business-related expertise and skills according to their interests. The practical skills, which can be applied at work immediately, are acquired through the case method led by faculty members with ample business experience, just as in the regular MBA program. This makes for a stimulating intellectual environment where highly motivated next-generation leaders from various industries come together, offering the students the best opportunity to expand their possibilities in a way that self-study cannot provide.

In MBA Single Courses, students are free to choose the courses they would like to attend from a full range of options, and with the “Pre-MBA (academic certificate),” they take systematic lectures throughout the year at a slower pace. Both options are selected by hectic businesspeople who are eager to pursue an MBA but do not know where to start or feel insecure about their capacity to keep up with the program or their classmates, whether an MBA degree is profitable for their career, and so on.

The case method, an active learning style and also the greatest feature of the MBA education, is known to provide participants with many insights and experiences, but it is also true that preparing for it is a very time-consuming task. In fact, each case requires three hours of preparation before the class, and the students are expected to actively make comments during the lectures. For working people, an MBA Single Course program is a very interesting option not only to prepare for the acquisition of an MBA but also to get accustomed to a new educational style.