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Student Voice: Marius (MBA '20)

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Marius Klein is a student from Germany who just began the two year MBA degree in the Global Leader Program. Immediately, he has been very active his involvement with the students in the program and quickly establishing himself as a leader among classmates in the Global Leader Program. One program he was quick to launch was an outdoor hiking club.

Knowing that Nagoya is surrounded by many beautiful hiking trails and mountains, Marius reached out not only to the students in the program but also the local community to start forming a deeper bond between those who came to study at the NUCB Business School and those who live and work in the city. It has been a great success so far, and Marius was kind enough to share some brief comments on why he ultimately chose the NUCB Business School for his Masters in Management.

I chose the NUCB Business School as my home school for my MBA studies, because I think that you learn much more by using the case method compared to traditional teaching methods. Having worked in business before, I know that there will never be textbook-scenarios in business but the case method comes pretty close to reality. This, together with its dual accreditation and highly experienced professors, made the NUCB Business School an obvious, easy and - reflecting on my experiences here so far - right choice!

The NUCB Business School has 113 elite global partner institutions in 51 countries around the world. As the most globally oriented business school in Central Japan and one of the top leading business schools in all of Japan, the emphasis on study abroad and international exchange is a key driver of the mission at the NUCB Business School. For details about the double degree program and procedures for new applicants and current students please visit our dedicated page "international programs."