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Aichi Start-Up Eco-System Partnership

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On October 23rd the NUCB Business School welcome representatives from Aichi Prefecture government offices and Assistant Director Salvador Alanis from the University of Texas at Austin’s IC2 Institute. The IC2 Institute is described as a “think and do” tank to test the belief of its founder, George Kozmetsky, that technological innovation can catalyze regional economic development through the active and directional collaboration among the university, government, and private sectors.

Since 1977, when it was founded, the Institute has researched the theory and practice of entrepreneurial wealth creation and has been instrumental in Austin’s growth as an innovation and technology center and in the development of knowledge-based economies in over 40 countries. Key activities and programs include the Austin Technology Incubator, Global Commercialization Group, Bureau of Business Research and Research and Publications.

A meeting took place to exchange information and context about the start-up eco-system already in place at the NUCB Business School through the Center for Entrepreneurship and the developing activities of Aichi Prefecture as an incubator for launching new business ventures. Assistant Director for International Development, Leonard Leiser, introduced the graduate school’s background and business development in post-graduate education and Dean Yasutomi Kitahara followed with specific information about the kind of eco-system the NUCB Business School has already established. The meeting concluded with Mr. Alanis speaking about the IC2 Institute and sharing the knowledge, experience and successes of the institute for consideration of the Aichi Prefecture representatives.

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