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Pitch & Beer: Round 1!

#MBA #Competition #Pitch #Entrepreneurship #MIM #MBAEnglish

The NUCB Business School's Center for Entrepreneurship is holding a friendly pitch competition where any participant can speak about entrepreneurship related topics such as ideas on starting up a business, ongoing business activities, recruitment for team members, supports and even consultations on a bottleneck or trouble area. This pitch is for those who are thinking about starting up their own ventures, those who want success in new business development within their companies and those who want some direction on the first practical step in the start-up of a business and how to recognize opportunity and seek out advice. Of course, the competition is a great testing ground to hone your skills at pitching to real investors in your entrepreneurial journey.

Click to register: Registration for Pitch & Beer

Planned Presenters:

1) Regional issues and solutions that have been seen from activities of regional ICT clubs
2) Build value circulation created by thankful words
3) Requests for collecting associates and supporting people who support content production / marketing with people with disabilities and make everyone happy
4) From now on is mobility co-working?
5) Cheering support for women living like their own

Details of the Business Innovation Program (Japanese-language MBA focused on Innovation & Entrepreneurship): The ‘left-side of the brain’ thinking involves developing structured organizational skills, but on the other hand, fields like entrepreneurship, leadership, and marketing are based in the ‘right-side of the brain.’ Recent academic literature and practical effort has been increasingly given to utilizing the ‘innovative thinking’ that occurs on this half of the brain. Discovering the seeds of new business design, as well as sustainable growth, requires matching business innovation with creativity.