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Class of 2021 Orientation

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Spring is the season of new beginnings and that is especially true in Japan for the new incoming Class of 2021 at the NUCB Business School, Graduate School of Management. With the main gates on Sakura-dori open, students attending the EMBA, MBA and MSc programs at the Nagoya Marunouchi Tower Campus, Tokyo’s Marunouchi Campus and Osaka’s Knowledge Capital Campus arrived just after lunch time for the orientation procession.

Beginning with an introduction to the NUCB Business School by Dean Yasutomi Kitahara on the 14F of the Nagoya Marunouchi Tower Campus the students then separated by degree program for specific information related to their courses, degree completion requirements and instruction about the school facilities. The NUCB Business School offers the General Manager Program (EMBA), Business Innovation Program (MBA), Global Leader Program (MIM) and Tax Accountant Program (MSc) and received 133 students in this April (Spring) enrollment term. Congratulations to the newly inducted class who will be attending the more formal matriculation ceremony at the main campus in Nisshin on April 1st!

The Global Leader Program is an integrated "Masters in Management" (MBA, MSc degree tracks) which was established to instill in our students the motivation for embarking upon or enhancing successful and rewarding careers in global business environments. This is reflective of the school's founding vision of embracing a "Frontier Spirit." Our faculty and staff members provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for future employment and leadership opportunities at the Master's level.