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Class of 2021 Matriculation Ceremony

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On a beautifully clear day at the expansive green hilly campus in Nisshin, the matriculation ceremony was held for the Class of 2021. In total, 186 new graduate students enrolled in the MSc, MIM, MBA and EMBA joined the ranks of the #1 EMBA in Japan and top MBA outside of Tokyo.

The matriculation ceremony conducted by the Nagoya University of Commerce and Business has held a long tradition of welcoming a keynote speaker from a partner institution to speak to the incoming undergraduate and graduate classes to the university. This emphasizes the global experience students will find at any of the school’s five campuses in Nisshin, Fushimi, Nagoya, Tokyo and Osaka.

This year, on April 1st, 2019, Dr. Võ Văn Sen, former president of VNU-HCM (University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam University – Ho Chi Minh City) was the special invited speaker. Dr. Sen’s relationship with NUCB goes back to 1998 when he was a visiting professor in the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Asian Studies.

Since the late 1990s, the environment, development and relationships in Asia and between Japan and Vietnam have significantly changed. Vietnam is proudly one of the rising stars among Asian countries in economic development and because Japan is remains one of the top global economic superpowers students from Vietnam are finding the NUCB Business School an ideal location to develop, enhance and broaden the ability to lead in management and business administration.

This school was launched in 1990 when it was referred to as the “NUCB Graduate School of Management Information“. Since that time, NUCB Graduate School has evolved into the “NUCB Business School” where today it is comprised of four postgraduate programs offering the MSc, MBA, and EMBA degrees as well as non-degree executive education. As of April 2019, the school holds the rank from Financial Times as #1 EMBA and from the QS Global ranking as the #1 EMBA and #3 MBA in Japan.