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Disruptive Innovation by Big Data

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How much data do you generate daily?
How much of that data is structured data vs unstructured data?

On Wednesday, April 17th a special guest lecturer was invited to discuss these questions and more about the ways in which Big Data is causing disruption in our personal and professional lives.

The speaker was Guilio Toscani, PhD (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden) who travels around the world to business schools and corporate offices to increase the awareness of the real changes – both positive and negative – that are irreversible and increasingly salient in the lives of everyone. Students were treated to a world class engaging and informative discussion with relevant advice on how to improve their own sense of self-awareness in a world of disruptive innovation by big data. In the context of Japan and business schools that offer an MBA – especially in English – such as the NUCB Business School, understanding the weaknesses and opportunities of technology, artificial intelligence, data collection and analytics is a certain competitive advantage for managers and leaders in a country as developed in technology as Japan.

Guilio Toscani is a leader in educating business professionals and students about making strategic, confident decisions based on solid data and advanced analytics. He has been a business school professor and speaker for Telefonica all around the world. His lectures on Big Data and AI are intended for any aspiring or established leader in any industry that doesn’t just analyze data but understands it, wants to expand it and incorporate it into strategy at the top levels. The NUCB Business School offers the EMBA, MBA and MSc degrees in Japanese and English to develop socially responsible and ethical leaders in the face of Industry 4.0. The curriculum is designed to support this education goal and inviting speakers like Dr. Toscani is one example of what the students can enjoy at the NUCB Business School, Graduate School of Management.