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Cultural Enrichment: A Visit to Toyota

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When thinking of world-famous Japanese companies, the Toyota Motor Corporation is always one of the first that come to mind. That is why fifty NUCB Business School students boarded a charter bus to visit the Toyota plant in Motomachi, where more than one hundred cars are welded, painted, and assembled per day: to learn more about the philosophy and inner workings of a company whose name is synonymous with Japanese ingenuity.

The students took part in a tour conducted entirely in English by Toyota representative Ms. Kazuha Matsuoka, who explained the production methods that brought Toyota to the forefront of a crowded marketplace, and how Toyota continues to evolve to meet the shifting demands of today’s consumers.

The tour ended at the Toyota Museum of Industry and Technology, where students took photos with rare Toyota vehicles, enjoyed some interactive exhibits, and learned more about the history of a company that has contributed to the Japanese reputation for engineering excellence for more than 90 years