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Lecture on "Business Plan" by Prof. Nigel

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The Business Plan module will enable students to understand how to put together and recommend a well thought-out business plan for any business situation, big or small – whether it be for an existing business enterprise, focused business unit, or start-up – that not only fits future expectations but also logically analyzes the current situation and explores all viable options.

To learn how to craft a well reasoned business plan, participants were introduced to various analytical frameworks and management tools that identify the value expectations of stakeholders necessary to devise an effective strategy. Prof. Nigel Denscombe had students start off the first day of the course by discussing the business models of major companies, comparing established giants in the global Tech industry to new start-ups in various fields, from fintech and online banking, to sanitation.

The class was challenged to create and propose a business plan in groups. Participants defined their roles within the "company" they created, developed a service or product, and made a value proposal. The innovative products developed by the class included fashionable, high-tech face masks, software development solutions, and an ergonomically designed seat cushion to reduce discomfort and nausea during travel post-Covid.

Prof. Nigel Denscombe Biography:
Professor, Graduate School of Management, NUCB Business School“Teaching it in the management classroom, doing it in the real business world” is a new kind of “hybrid” businessperson standing at the intersection of two key roles: global manager/owner and business educator. This is why in 2001 he created a Tokyo/New York firm, Denscombe Corporation (www.denscombe.co.jp), to “bridge” business and education by providing strategic management solutions for repositioning/creating sustainable value propositions for corporate clients and business schools, and also by providing management education solutions for them as well.

On one side, he is a truly globalized Tokyo-based British-American high value-added management professional with a 30-year successful track record of leading positive industry change and finding new value propositions. At the same time, he is also an accomplished management educator who has created new business schools/repositioned existing ones and who also has taught a wide range of high value-added management courses for Asian university business schools and corporate clients. In business education, as a management practitioner in the real world, his mission is to put “business” back into business school and to foster the global leadership required to take practical advantage of the great changes going on for sustainable corporate value propositions.

Academic Background: MBA Harvard University

Specialized Field: Business Plan, Strategic Management, Competing in Emerging Markets, Creative and Critical Thinking.