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Diving into Sports Innovation with "HADO"

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An event for NUCB alumni, students of the Undergraduate School, and the Business School was arranged to familiarize participants with the technosport HADO, about which a webinar on sales strategy for innovative products will be held on Wednesday, December 9th featuring an NUCB alumnus who is the sales director of Meleap, the company behind HADO. With the help of the NUCB Business School Student Representative Council (SRC) members who helped organize and run the event, participants came together and enjoyed using AR technology to launch virtual fireballs at one another and dodge incoming projectiles from the opposing team.

After only a brief explanation of how to play, most of the participants were moving and attacking with natural speed and grace, SRC President Sipo Makananda reports. The competition was very stiff, which made the experience all the more fun for all involved.

One of the many ways in which Frontier Spirit manifests itself is through novel ideas that build upon an uncertain present toward a brighter future. With fewer options for recreation, interaction, and even physical activity available for those concerned about the pandemic situation, technology-driven sports innovations like HADO are providing new ways to make memorable moments while adhering to health and safety guidelines.

For those interested in joining NUCB community members to learn about how the strengths of a unique product contribute to the development of an effective sales strategy, register for the webinar session by following the link below!

Please submit your interest using the link below: