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Sales Negotiation

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MBA courses are offered online, allowing you to learn the basics of MBA in just two days on weekends, starting with one course. This time, Mr. Keiichi Shimada will introduce "Sales Negotiation," a key skill for salespeople.

"Sales Negotiation" by Dr. Keiichi Shimada

"Sales Negotiation" by Prof. Keiichi Shimada has started. In this class, students will learn how to operate as a "salesperson", how to instruct subordinates, basic sales concepts, analyze their own work style, and learn sales negotiation skills.

Sales Negotiation Skills

On the first day of the class, we used a case study of a sales example of an office automation equipment manufacturer to sort out the problems faced by this sales team and explore how to solve the actual problems by role-playing the approach to solving the problems. The students were divided into two groups: the sales team (the sellers) and the purchase team (the buyers). The students role-played sales negotiations to see if the purchase team would decide to buy from the sales team's approach within the time limit.
The sales team tried to formulate a strategy on how to convince the customer to make a purchase within the time limit and in a pleasant manner, while the purchase team consulted with each other to decide whether or not to purchase the product. At the end of the class, after all the role-playing was completed, Mr. Keiichi Shimada clearly explained why he approached each sales team's strategy in this way, and what his intentions were in asking the purchasing team this question. Through this case study discussion, the students were able to understand "what kind of approach makes people want to listen to what others have to say", and in the class discussion afterwards, they were able to share their opinions on how to effectively get others to talk and what words to use to attract others' attention.