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Marketing Essence


We are now offering a PreMBA that allows students to learn the basics of management in two weekends. "Marketing Essence," taught by Professor Noriko Saiki, was launched from the Osaka studio, attracting many students not only from the Kansai region but also from Tokyo and Nagoya.
Marketing is not about selling, but about creating customers through a selling mechanism. In this class, we will integrate marketing theory and practice, and learn that marketing is a "series" of activities, and the importance of theoretical development while reading the tide of the market.

Wii: Nintendo's Video Game Revolution

In the morning of the first day of class, we had a class discussion to understand how to build a business around the customer and the difference between sales, advertising and marketing. Rather than lumping customers into industries or professions, the class focused on the nature of the business that the company or business is engaged in, and learned how to understand the benefits that customers have (the benefits or positive effects they get from products) and how to express them. In the afternoon, the participants deepened their understanding of marketing concepts through the case of the Nintendo Wii. Based on the content of the morning session, we discussed the key points that made Nintendo's Wii successful when its business performance was sluggish. in the midst of multi-functional products such as SONY's PS2 and Microsoft's Xbox, Nintendo succeeded in creating a product with only game console functions and gaining popularity. Targeting and advertising methods were picked up and concepts necessary for marketing decision making were extracted to consolidate their understanding.
On the second day of the class, using the cases of Snow Brand Milk Industry Co., Ltd. and The Ritz-Carlton, the students examined the direction of problem finding and solution through interactive discussions by contrasting the way each company thinks about customers.