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Case Method Practice

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We offer a focused program that allows students to learn the basics of management in two weekend days. Case Method in Practice," taught by Professor Shinichi Takeuchi, was launched from the Nagoya campus studio, attracting many students from across Japan. This course will provide students with an understanding of what the case method is, how teaching and learning operate, basic pedagogical knowledge, and information knowledge about the history of case method education, the history of higher education, and the status of practice in different fields in Japan.

case method education

Case Method Practice

This class will teach the practical methods of the case method to those who want to use the method in the future, those who have actually started teaching using the case method, and those who want to understand the management points of educational practice using the case method. However, there are only a few places where you can learn about the case method, and in fact, it is a teaching method that is not yet widely understood. On the first day of the class, we used a case of a cash miscalculation that occurred at a convenience store. The first step was a group discussion on how to solve the problem, followed by a presentation from each group to the entire class. Each group had a different way of solving the problem, and the points and perspectives of the discussion varied greatly. Decision-making is irreversible. Professor Shinichi Takeuchi suggested, "Decision-making is irreversible. By repeating the case method discussion classes, the students deepened their understanding of how to structure a case method class, give it meaning, prepare for it, and teach it.