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"Innovation Management" by Prof. Uriel

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Innovation is the engine that drives the creation of new value propositions and the capturing of markets. Increasing competitive pressures and environmental challenges motivate firms to engage in strategic innovation–the reconceptualization of business models, the reshaping of existing markets and the changing nature of competition. Strategic innovation management concentrates on the entire business model, its ecosystem, and value network moving beyond a focus on technology improvement or new product development.

Innovation Management

In the course titled Innovation Management taught by visiting faculty member Prof. Uriel Stettner of Tel Aviv University, participants adopt different perspectives on innovation and uncover the intricacies of alternative conceptualizations and models. They rely on strategic management concepts as they consider alternative routes to facing uncertainties characterizing contemporary business contexts. How can firms bring new business models, products, or services to the market? What are the conditions that determine any particular approach’s propensity for success? When should firms choose one innovation methodology over another in an attempt to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage?

Innovation Management 2