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"Digital Marketing" by Prof. Ted Katagi

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Prof. Ted Katagi conducted the Digital Marketing course, an elective module for MBA students focusing on deepening knowledge of how to build marketing propositions. The internet has sped up the pace and nature of marketing, but many of the basic principles have not changed - particularly the necessity for a strong value proposition.

The course discusses the use of internet strategies, commercial models, website marketing, SEO marketing and social media marketing, and how to integrate digital marketing into the traditional marketing context.

Digital Marketing

Using various business cases that allow students to develop problem-finding and problem-solving skills by reliving real events in existing companies from their own perspectives, Prof. Katagi, who has broad experience in marketing and technology, discussed many global tech cases to provide a context for encouraging students to think ‘out of the box’. He highlighted his own start-up company, Kenja, to explore the concept of content marketing.

The Participant-Centered Learning philosophy encourages discussion among students and roleplay exercises providing rich and effective learning experiences through which we aim to broaden the students’ perspective and understanding of the world to that of manager or executive, as well as teaching them knowledge necessary for business in an evolving world.