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Kouhei Yamamoto

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Kouhei Yamamoto

After graduating from university, I was interested in the automotive industry, so I worked in sales for a specialized trading company and a Nikkei auto parts manufacturer. However, as I came into contact with some of the world's best customers, I began to feel a sense of immaturity and stagnation, and my desire to somehow break out of my current situation was the reason for my interest in an MBA.
NUCB Business School is characterized by “three international accreditations”, “lecturers who are well versed in business", and the “case method", which makes it possible to learn in a very realistic and practical way. Since lectures are held on Saturdays and Sundays, students can apply their newly aquired knowledge to their work the very next day. This was the deciding factor in my decision to enroll.  

<About the Courses>
In the first class, I was overwhelmed by the perspective of the professors and seniors, the construction of theories, and the weight of their comments. I then realized how inexperienced I was.
From there, we began to support each other, transcending age, gender, nationality, and industry.
I am indebted to my colleagues, with whom I spent many intense hours together, in online study groups on weekday evenings, studying with each other during lectures, and reflecting on our experiences after lectures.  

<Experiencing Change, The Turning Point>
After one year of enrollment, I received a comment from a client, “You have a broad perspective and a sharp point of view". I felt the effects of the lectures at NUCB Business School, and at the same time, I began to think that I wanted to aim even higher. At that time, one of the professors told the students in a lecture, “Always put yourself on the track of growth. Challenges make people grow. Keep raising your market value". I was so moved by his words that I decided to change jobs. I am now involved in the formulation and execution of sales strategies at a major foreign automotive parts manufacturer, and I am working to link the results of my work at NUCB Business School.

<Summary and Key Takeaways>
I believe that the three things I learned at this school are “knowledge,” “the ability to take action,” and “how to be a person". These are cultivated through hard work and from not giving up in the case method. They are so significant that they can affect your life. I believe that gaining them in two years (actually, in a matter of seconds) is a good investment. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to grow and become more than who they already are, or to anyone who wants to make change.