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"Let's Talk Business" Session #2: Japanese Job Market for International Students

class report

The Student Representative Council conducted the second session of their webinar series entitled "Let's Talk Business" on Monday, July 12th. The second session’s guest speaker was Mr. Elliot Conti, Managing Director of Global Aichi, who highlighted job opportunities for international students in Japan. Mr. Conti shared his personal experience and talked about the Japanese job market, which can be different from what non-Japanese job seekers may be accustomed to in terms of the hiring process, specifically when it comes to interviews.

The Japanese marketplace is shifting towards new services that will create many more opportunities in the coming years. Highlighting the importance of networking and PR with local people, Mr. Conti spoke about how language is a barrier which can limit opportunities. He also encouraged graduates to apply to SMEs, where there will be a greater chance for them than there are at large multinational firms. The MBA plays a vital role in consulting and finance-related industries. Although the pandemic has had a largely negative impact on the job market for many, there is always opportunity for growth in new directions.

The last of these sessions will be held on July 20th at 6:30PM JST and is entitled "HR in Japan and Around the World." The session speakers will be NUCB BS alumna Ms. Prang Serino, Corporate Planning Assistant Manager with Toyota Financial, and MBA students Mr. Solomon Njie and Ms. Etsumi Sugeno.