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  7. Facing "Technology and Innovation Challenges" at our next student-led webinar

Facing "Technology and Innovation Challenges" at our next student-led webinar

Entrepreneurial Team-Building

Webinar on "Entrepreneurial Team-Building" by the Global Frontier Network

The second session of the “Entrepreneurial Team-Building” series hosted by the Global Frontier Network (GFN), which was attended by 11 participants on Monday, July 5th highlighted a new startup, Eleveight Tech Inc., which was officially incorporated by students of our school following their participation in the final round of the Japan Business Model Competition.

The speakers cum co-founders discussed the importance and concept of launching the ElevEight Tech Inc., which focuses on developing two services, FEMDP (Female Entrepreneur Social Network Platform) and Flash, an online video conferencing platform. They talked about how their entrepreneurial journey can find its roots at various stages, from laying down new foundations to turning around an existing enterprise.

To empower all aspiring female entrepreneurs and help them transform their ideas into concrete business projects, FEMDP acts as a platform and helps them fight the challenges which many female entrepreneurs are facing, such as lack of access to investors, by building a community around female entrepreneurs for them to share their passion, while also connecting them to potential co-founders, Industry-relevant experts and Investment opportunities.

On the other hand, the Flash platform shapes the video conferencing experience by having a product which is free, simple, secure, and uninterrupted. Helping users to be efficient in their daily tasks while also giving them needed tools to enhance their work experience when needed.

The team believes that whether you are leading a new project or a new organization, the collective entrepreneurial mindset of a cohesive team is essential to bring forth and create changes.

Information on another upcoming student-led webinar, "Technology and Innovation Challenges"

Powered by Flash, the Student Representative Council (SRC) is conducting a webinar on “Technology and Innovation Challenges” on Monday, the 12th of July. The guest speakers are Mr. Peter Faulkner, who is head of global information technology at Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, and Mr. Davide Cristiani, Luiss and NUCB BS DDP student and information engineer by profession. The two will share insights and experiences related to “Technology and Innovation,” discussing radical changes and how to adapt and move with the fast pace of a competitive environment.

You can register for the upcoming session through the link below. For Registration

Schedule: Monday, July 12th, 2021 - 8 PM JST
Platform: Zoom
Step 1: Please fill out and submit the above registration form.
Step 2: Global Frontier Network Team will send you by email the link of this event 1 hour prior to the start.

About the Inclusive Environment series

The Global Frontier Network (GFN), one of the subnetworks under the Student Representative Council (SRC), is made up of current students who would like to leverage the strength of our School's diversity in order to engage all members of the NUCB community and business professionals with a new webinar series.

Building an Inclusive Environment is essential to any organization that truly wants to be connected to the society, acknowledging, accepting, supporting, respecting and valuing each and every single individual, their unique experiences and perspectives, regardless of differences. This applies at all scales: studies have shown that when Diversity & Inclusion are properly implemented, the performance of the organization is improved across the board with various metrics (productivity, innovation, financial performance, etc.).

About the Global Frontier Network

GFN is a student-led initiative that strives to be the platform that brings together the School's diverse community and forges new connections. With borders and boundaries coming down, it is essential to be mindful of the various differences and nuances tied to everyone's background and experiences.

• To build a strong community that reflects the School's founding vision of embracing the "Frontier Spirit" by leveraging diversity and applying knowledge to inspire others
• To ensure an accessible, inclusive, and stimulating network for all students, regardless of their gender, nationality, ethnic, cultural, social, religious and political backgrounds.

• To energize student mobility between all programs
• To encourage knowledge exchange within and outside the community
• To embrace international exposure, cultural awareness and global business practices