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The 13th meeting of the Learning Network: Pitfalls in Marriage


At the 13th Learning Network meeting on Tuesday, April 20, we had a talk on the pitfalls of married life by Ms. Fumi Fujiwara, a graduate of our tax accountant training program, who specializes in divorce services and is active as an administrative scrivener and tax accountant. As an administrative scrivener, Ms. Fujiwara is in charge of divorce services, and as a tax accountant, she supports female business owners in their start-ups. In response to the comments of her clients who said, "I wish I had known about this earlier...", Ms. Fujiwara is currently leading a "Partnership Specialist Training Course" and is active in many fields.

Ms. Fujiwara talked about what she would like people to know before getting divorced, and how to avoid falling into the pitfalls of divorce, using concrete examples. The participants commented that the lecture was very informative, and that it was interesting to hear both the legal side and the emotional side.

About the Learning Network

This is one of the official networks established by the graduates of our school.
It is a network for current students and alumni to deepen their mutual learning by sharing their own learning and skills through output sharing. We are looking for people who not only participate, but also output. You can learn not only from the input in the classes, but also from the output in this network.

Executive MBA

The Executive MBA program was launched in 2003 as the first program of its kind in Japan for working adults who wish to become core members of corporations. Ninety percent of our faculty members are practitioners who have been active on the front lines of business. Eschewing unidirectional academic lectures to train researchers, the program provides practical learning directly related to business by reflecting the experience and knowledge gained through practical work in the lectures.