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The 14th Learning Network Meeting: How to Maneuver in Business School


The theme for the 14th session was "How to Maneuver Through Business School" and was designed for new students to interact and exchange information with alumni from the time they enter the school. In addition to students in the Graduate School of Management aiming to earn an MBA, participants included international students in the English MBA program, students in the Graduate School of Accounting and Finance aiming to become certified tax accountants, and students in the PreMBA program studying MBA basics.

The alumni spoke about a wide range of topics, from registering for classes and grading while in school to know-how about taking courses and coming out with stories of failure. They also responded to the various concerns of the new students, such as balancing study and work and completing reports, and it seemed to be a place where the new students were motivated to work positively and proactively for their future studies.

In the case method classes that we adopt at our school, it is very important to work on prior assignments. In case method classes, where discussions are based on cases (corporate examples), there are no right answers. The students' approach to the preliminary assignments varied from two hours of sleep, to sleeping because they would run out of energy on Saturday if they didn't sleep, to doing the preliminary assignments with minimal effort and responding flexibly during the class. The last part of the session was a lecture on how to use the material for preparation. At the end of the session, there was a surprise gift of a PowerPoint presentation containing a framework that could be used in preparation.

Under pandemic restrictions, students have limited real contact with each other, and many of them felt confused at the start of their first class and student life, but by listening to the voices of graduates, they were able to find their own style and resolve their concerns. It was a great opportunity for the students to communicate with each other outside of the classroom, which was the purpose of this theme.

About the Learning Network

This is one of the official networks established by the graduates of our school.
It is a network for current students and alumni to deepen their mutual learning by sharing their own learning and skills through output sharing. We are looking for people who not only participate, but also output. You can learn not only from the input in the classes, but also from the output in this network.

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