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Train your Scoring Ability

Makita Yukihiro

This book teaches how to utilize business skills taught by professionals who have mastered scoring ability.

From high school to the first year of university, the author, who was aware that he was not very smart, gained first place at Kyoto University graduate school, worked as a consultant and instructor for a foreign strategic consulting company, and also had a son. who was accepted into the most exclusive national elementary school. Why was all of this possible?

The turning point was that the author realized and acquired the technique of deciding what to do and optimizing his efforts, that is, scoring ability!
The scoring ability in business and the scoring ability in taking an examination are almost the same.
This is because scoring ability is being able to clarify what the other party wants and to respond to it.

What is the key to training your scoring ability?
- Don't take notes in class or lectures
- Understand what the other party is looking for in the past question
- Know that best practice analysis is a business passing experience
- If you master the principle, the unexpected will disappear
- A parent's business skills become an inheritance for their children