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  6. 23 Questions to Master Porter's Competitive Strategy

23 Questions to Master Porter's Competitive Strategy

Makita Yukihiro

Q Why is it difficult to use competitive strategy in practice?
Q Why is the best-by date of differentiation only 3 months?
Q How can we achieve differentiation one after another?

- Is there a future for the three beef bowl companies that continue the chicken game of low price competition?
- Kameda Seika, the snack company that got lucky with its special flour, has expanded sales for seven consecutive years.
- After learning customer needs by listening to the opinions of parents, Kameida Seika's apparel branch sold 6 million pairs of shoes to 6.93 million target children.

Learn from a wealth of examples of ways Japanese companies can improve their competitiveness by mastering Porter's basic strategy.

Why are many Japanese companies unable to draw up a management strategy that goes beyond the current situation?
Is the substitute for business strategy useless in the first place?
The purpose of this book is to answer these questions and clarify where many Japanese companies stumble in business strategy formulation, as well as how they can make their business strategies work to increase their competitiveness.