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50 Questions to Master Frameworks

Makita Yukihiro

Strategic consultant know-how,
A collection of practical problems to acquire professional skills that will give you the key to the success of the project!

This book is a collection of 50 essay questions, so that you can train how to use the basic concept and framework of business strategy and how to solve the problems facing companies and business people. It has become. Although there are many explanations of management strategies, including Porter's competitive strategy, it is difficult to imagine how to put them into practice by utilizing their knowledge. Even if a business strategy is formulated, very few companies are working well. A business person who is in a position to formulate a strategy can challenge 50 questions in this book, and if he / she reads the explanation, he / she can understand the part where he / she is not proficient and the difference between theory and reality, and the key to make the management strategy work. Should be able to grasp. A major addition to the popular quarterly "Think!" Series "Functional Strategies: Correct Use of Frameworks".

What do the horizontal and vertical axes of BCG-PPM mean? In what order should the three Cs be analyzed and what should be clarified? What do you want to clarify in the 5Fs analysis and at what timing? Is it necessary? A collection of practical problems to acquire professional skills, which can grasp the know-how of strategic consultants and the key points of project success.