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Ubiquitous Revoluation

Makita Yukihiro

Ubiquitous means "everywhere" in Latin. Ubiquitous computing refers to an environment in which the Internet can be accessed anytime, anywhere using not only mobile phones and personal computers but also information appliances and vending machines. When this environment becomes widespread, it can be expected that the way people work and spend their leisure time will change significantly.

This book describes how to survive in the upcoming business scene in the ubiquitous society. The content consists of four chapters. In Chapter 1, the author, who experienced the collapse of the IT bubble as a business person, conveys the situation and presents what Japanese companies need to regain competitiveness and revitalize. Chapter 2 presents a paradigm shift from e-business to the next-generation ubiquitous environment, and presents a model of how companies can change to become more competitive.  Chapter 3 examines from a technical point of view from mainframes and C / S systems to current Web systems, and examines the technologies required for the future ubiquitous environment and how to utilize the horizontal value network business model. It describes the trend of technology that supports the ubiquitous environment. Chapter 4 summarizes the author's corporate philosophy and the direction to aim for in the future.

Currently, networking is progressing rapidly in the business scene, and it is said that within 10 years, the era will come when anyone, anytime, anywhere can access the network. Ubiquitous is a keyword that symbolizes such a next-generation network. This book proposes the necessary management attitude in the arrival of the full-scale ubiquitous era. For Japanese companies that have been sluggish for a long time and are straying without seeing the next move, it is possible to find a big direction for future strategies.