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Digital Marketing Textbook: Profit Management of Importing Big Data into Virtual and Real Channels

Makita Yukihiro

[Two Keys to Digital Marketing]
When "Amazon Go Unmanned Future Store", "All Channel Strategy", "Facial Authentication and Expression Recognition", "Autonomous Driving" and other changes in consumer behavior, predicting the evolution of technology, and insight into the future of technology will also become the marketing work. For one thing, in the omnichannel era, digital marketing has become the key to corporate profits. Understanding digital marketing starts with the following two key points.

●【Data Driven】Understand consumers and approach consumers through data
● [Omni Channel] seamless integration of online stores and physical stores

[Four major formulation processes of traditional marketing strategies]
Digital marketing has evolved from traditional marketing. If you want to understand digital marketing, you must learn the formulation process of "traditional marketing strategy". Have you not yet fully understood traditional marketing, you suddenly have to take charge of digital marketing. People who think they don’t yet fully understand traditional marketing, or have studied traditional marketing in the past and have rich practical experience in the workplace, it is recommended to review again, because traditional marketing is the foundation of digital marketing.

(1) Traditional "environmental analysis": adopting PEST analysis and SWOT analysis
(2) Traditional "strategic formulation": Determine the marketing mix from STP.
(3) Traditional "strategy execution": use market tests to verify hypotheses.
(4) Traditional "strategic management": continue to verify hypotheses after introducing products to the market

[Five evolutions and frameworks of digital marketing]
Digital marketing can evolve the five fields of the traditional marketing strategy formulation process. As each field evolves, the "framework" of traditional marketing and its usage will also evolve. This part is also the most important unit of the book.

(1) Environmental analysis: From predicting PEST and SWOT from the past to FOA defining the future
(2) Understanding consumers: Evolving from traditional AIDMA to using AISAS and ZMOT.
(3) Market segmentation: It is no longer to subdivide the whole, but to form an individual. The analysis method is completely opposite.
(4) Channels: It is a necessary condition to evolve into an "omnichannel". Companies will integrate physical stores and online stores with consumers to make cross-channel purchases possible and provide consumers with the best in any channel Purchase experience.
(5) Promotion: Complement with understanding consumers, making the real One to One feasible.

[Changes in consumer behavior in the new retail era]
●AIDMA: Attention→Interest→Desire→Memory→Action Action
●AISAS: Attention→Interest→Search Search→Purchase Action→Share Share
● ZMOT Zero Moment of Truth: Consumers will obtain all kinds of information through webpages or comparison sites' reviews and reports, which will trigger awareness, interest, and concern for products or services.

(1) Traditional marketing: The objects of understanding are the "psychology" of "why you want" and the "behavior" of "buying". Regarding behavior, in traditional marketing, it is mainly analyzed and understood through the POS data of physical stores. POS data can only understand the "behavior" of consumers' purchase, but not the "psychology".
(2) Digital marketing: even "behavior" other than purchase, "behavior" before purchase, and "behavior" after purchase.

[Four eras of changing marketing environment]
─"Enterprises with consumer behavior data" will become the key core─
(1) Comprehensive advertising agency: The market growth period requires too much time, focusing on mass media advertising, and companies have begun to entrust comprehensive advertising agencies to implement their plans.
(2) Foreign strategic consulting companies: When the market is over-supplied and mature, it focuses on understanding customers. Therefore, foreign strategic consulting companies are used to plan the integration of "products" for enterprises, not just advertising.
(3) Digital consulting companies: In the era of digitalization and the Internet, in the era when consumers have a leap to understand customers, the key core is "Internet consulting companies."
(4) Companies with consumer behavior data: the key to the establishment of digital marketing
UNIQLO is a full-channel manufacturing and distribution company (SPA), with physical stores and online stores, which can provide a seamless buying experience and achieve diversification of sales opportunities. Understanding consumers represents market segmentation, refinement of target markets, and feedback on research and development.

[3 competencies that future digital leaders must possess]
Internet marketing is not only responsible for marketing, but also includes production management, shipping logistics, research and development, IT management behind sales. The leader of the online marketing department plays a very diverse role, and must have the "collaboration ability" to gather multiple departments, the "integration ability" to integrate all aspects, and the "imagination ability" to map the future; while online marketing The members of the department should really understand traditional marketing, have the ability to predict the future, think about environmental changes, and lead consumers to understand the "hypothesis verification ability", and even understand the scope of supply chain and logistics business, and have the ability to communicate .