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  6. Guide to Understanding Future Financial Rules

Guide to Understanding Future Financial Rules

Nagano Ryosuke

The simultaneous global economic collapse triggered by the subprime loan problem. This big incident forced a major shift in the world's financial order... This book clearly explains the details of the paradigm shift from the perspective of financial rules. Based on the subprime crisis, the author asks, "what were the rules so far?" "What happened during the global financial crisis?" "Why did it happen?" "And from now on, what will happen to the financial rules of the world?” In addition to explaining keywords such as leverage, securitization, rating, and hedge funds in an easy-to-understand manner, we also explain elements such as CDO and credit derivatives that are rarely seen by the general public but played a major role in the financial crisis. Commentary. You can understand the past, present and future of financial rules with this one book.