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When You Buy a House, Be Sure to Read this Book

Nagano Ryosuke

Buying a home is the biggest purchase in your life, but it tends to be the biggest impulse purchase most people make. The author, who is familiar with the real estate industry, thoroughly examines how to find condominiums / single-family homes and new / used bargain properties.

When it comes to housing, it is natural to buy at the asking price of the contractor, but this is a big mistake. You can easily calculate the cost of the property you are considering purchasing by estimating the cost of the land you want to buy from the road price and public land price published on the Internet. The seller's circumstances hidden behind the advertising phrases such as "Thank you for selling out", "Thank you price", "Repayment at the same level as rent", and "A minute walk from the station" that you often see in real estate advertisements, price negotiation techniques that can reduce prices by up to 40%, etc. You can see how you are making money from real estate sales and how to borrow a mortgage wisely from this book.