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  6. Management exercises for practicing sustainable evolution 1 (Kindle version)

Management exercises for practicing sustainable evolution 1 (Kindle version)

Onaka Tadao

Management exercises to practice sustainable evolution 1

A textbook for management training to implement sustainable evolution!

This book organizes the content of the author's 20-year corporate training and discussion lectures from 1995 to 2014, with a cumulative total of more than 20,000 participants at the Graduate School of Business Administration in the following 6 exercise programs:
Chapter 1: Preparation consideration for strengthening management ability
Chapter 2: Management technology system to practice sustainable evolution
Chapter 3: Creative Vision Design Exercise
Chapter 4: Resonance Communication Exercise
Chapter 5: Support Coaching Exercise
Chapter 6: Coexistence Negotiation Exercise

Volume 1 contains an introduction, "The era of sustainable evolution management," Chapter 1, "Preparation consideration for strengthening management capabilities," and Chapter 2, "The management technology system for practicing sustainable evolution."