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  6. Bushido Management: Sustainable Evolution Management Programming [Kindle Edition]

Bushido Management: Sustainable Evolution Management Programming [Kindle Edition]

Onaka Tadao

Bushido Management: Sustainable Evolution Management Programming [Kindle Edition]

Why did Japanese companies lose their vitality in general? Why can't the deterioration of mental health be completely eliminated? Why can't we see a bright outlook for the future of our companies? There is only one cause: The self-depletion cycle of corporate management brought about by the emphasis on shareholder value.

This book is a voluntary training program for management personnel and next-generation executive personnel who will transform this self-depletion cycle into sustainable evolution management.

We consider the latest management topics such as:
・ Why is it easy to increase the ratio of female managers? Why is it difficult?
・ Does performance-based evaluation solve the real problem?
・ Are you throwing away the original intention of seniority?
・ Is the power balance between companies and investors actually reversed?
・ Are you tolerating good adjustments in stock prices and market capitalization?
・ Should ROE be high?
・ What is the concept of ROE aptitude value?
・ Can stock prices be an indicator of executive performance?
・ What are the correct executive selection requirements for sustainable evolution management?
・Is the CEO internally promoted or externally recruited?
・ How do you correctly evaluate a CEO?
・ What does sustainable growth of a company mean?
・ What is the difference between growth and evolution?

The title of this book, Bushido Management, is based on the fact that creativity, which is the driving force of sustainable evolution management, independence, and social consciousness, matches the spirit of Bushido, which pursues individual pride and contribution to society.