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Agreement with Prasetia Mulia to Co-Host Family Business Conferences

On October 30, 2021, the Center for Family Business, one of the research institutes of NUCB Business School, agreed to co-host a family business conference with Prasetiya Mulya, a top business school in Indonesia, a higher education institution focusing on business education with undergraduate, master, MBA and doctoral programs in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Japanese family businesses are attracting attention from around the world for their longevity and high profitability. In response to a strong request from Prasetiya Mulya, we were able to hold a joint conference with our institute, which is the center of family business research in Japan. At this stage, the conference is scheduled to be held in Jakarta in July 2022, and our institute will present its research on Japanese family business. At the end of the conference, a symposium on comparative research on family business in Japan and Indonesia is also planned, which will provide an opportunity to disseminate Japanese family business to the world.

NUCB Business School Center for Family Business

The NUCB Business School and the 15 member banks of the Aichi Shinkin Bank Association concluded a cooperation agreement on July 10, 2015 regarding support for business succession. We have established the Center for Family Business Research Institute, in which faculty members of the school and employees of shinkin banks will serve as researchers, and are working together to develop human resources for business succession for the purpose of succession within the family. By supporting business succession within the family, we aim to strengthen the business foundations of small and medium-sized businesses, to pass on technology and goodwill to future generations, and to promote long-term corporate growth, job creation, and the revitalization of local industries.