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Family Business and Innovation

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This lecture aims to develop management ability to engage in innovative behavior in the changing business environment while preserving tradition through case discussions.Family business occupies about 97% of all the Japanese companies. According to previous researches, family businesses have shown superiority of business performance and business continuity compared with general corporations.

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    Business Succession

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  • We will consider the issues of tradition and innovation, focusing on the process of active action by the successor in the succession process with the previous generation.


  • Discussion will focus on the process of gaining legitimacy in order for the successor to be accepted by the management organization.
  • Discussions will be held on business succession and governance.


  • Yamatogawa Sake Brewery (Kitakata City, Fukushima Prefecture)
  • Omiya Rope Corporation (Kitakata City, Fukushima Prefecture)

Textbooks and reference materials

  • Yasuhiro Ochiai, "The Dilemma of Business Succession: Management of Successor Constraints and Autonomy," Hakuto Shobo (2016) 978-4561266822
  • Yasuhiro Ochiai, "Business Succession Management: How Companies Nurture Successors," Hakuto Shobo (2019) 978-4561257349
Reference book:
  • Goto, Toshio and Yasuhiro Ochiai (2015), Family Business White Paper 2015, Doyukan


  • The format was such that the discussion was developed on the first day and converged on the second day, which made it easy to understand the conclusions. The facilitating skills of the professor were excellent, and the discussions were very lively.

    Engineering 40s Male

  • I thought that the ability to think scientifically about family business would be useful when consulting family-owned businesses, even if I am not a party to it.

    Professional 30s Male

  • Even though the majority of companies in Japan are family-owned, their business succession is often done in a very closed environment, and it was very useful to learn how to approach family business management.

    Management 40s Female

  • The content of the class was very thought-provoking and extremely useful for both listed and unlisted companies.

    Management 50s Female

  • Even those who have never been involved in business succession in practice can learn the general framework.

    Administrative 30s Male

  • As an experienced family business owner, it was good to have an overview of past experiences and notes on how to proceed in the future. I would like to take the course again. I wish the number of days were longer.

    Independent business 40s Male

  • The first and second parts of the case were spread over two days, with other cases in between, but the connection at the core of the class was innovative.

    sales 30s Female

  • I thought it was a very interesting subject even before taking the course, and I actually enjoyed taking the class as there were many new and refreshing things to learn. I thought that the content of the class was not only about family business, but also about how to proceed with transfers within a company. Also, the way the class was conducted reminded me that things have a background and that there are positive/negative effects.

    Independent business 40s Female

  • This was my first time taking an MBA class, and I was a bit apprehensive, but I appreciated the explanations of words and phrases and the clear writing on the board, which made the class understandable even for me as an undergraduate student.

    Professional 40s Female

  • I think the facilitation of the class discussion was excellent, giving the participants the necessary knowledge while accepting 100% of their comments. I learned a good balance of theory and actual cases.

    Professional 20s Male

  • I was reminded of the severity of maintaining legacies while perpetuating businesses into the future, and of the respect I have for companies that continue to operate for decades and centuries, overcoming definitions that must be developed and adapted to the current trends while demonstrating innovation.

    Engineering 30s Male

  • As the professor said at the beginning of the class, "Business administration is about the growth of a company," and "business succession is about learning survival strategies," the class was a learning experience for me, even though I am not working for a family business enterprise. It was not only about business management, but it also gave me a hint to find the good points of local communities and Japan. It was a very, very enjoyable class! Thank you very much.

    Professional 20s Male

  • Through the succession of a family business, I was able to learn a lot about trust, ethics, and risk management, which are necessary for the continuation of a business regardless of whether it is a small or medium-sized business. It was also very interesting to learn about the importance of good governance to prevent fraud and to continue to innovate at the same time, as well as the rational mechanisms that are in place in well-established companies and in the community.

    Professional 40s Female

  • I felt that it was easy to imagine the personality of the person in the case, as his/her words were described as they were in the case. I think it helped to improve my understanding of the cases and gave me a lot of time to think about them.

    Independent business 50s Male

  • I had never been involved in a family business before, so I participated in this seminar because I wanted to learn about it. It was also very good to be able to discuss the concept of governance, which is likely to occur outside of family businesses, as well as other derivative discussions.

    Office Worker 40s Male

  • I was able to learn about the issues of small and medium enterprises, starting from the aspect of business succession and ending with the governance aspect. I was able to think from a different perspective than large corporations.

    Office Worker 50s Male

  • Thank you, Dr. Ochiai, for this valuable class. I have been looking forward to this class for a long time and am honored to have attended. The board was very easy to understand with the diagrams and I gained a better understanding of family business.

    Office Worker 40s Male

  • The case involved a well-known, well-established company, and the participants were able to learn the basic concepts and key points of business succession.

    Office Worker 40s Female

  • We were able to learn about various issues related to business succession and innovation in family businesses for which there is little literature or information.

    Office Worker 40s Female

  • The cases that the professor had actually interviewed were the subject matter, and the students were able to learn live knowledge as they moved back and forth between theory and actual corporate situations.

    Office Worker 50s Male

  • I learned a lot more than I had imagined, not only in terms of solving assignments, but also in terms of thinking from multiple perspectives. The professor was very knowledgeable, his lectures were easy to understand, he facilitated well, and it was easy to speak up, so I am really glad I took this course.

    Office Worker 50s Male

  • I learned a lot from your objective analysis of succession planning and business succession in family businesses. As our company will also have a business succession within 15 years, I think the lecture provided us with an opportunity to think about how we should succeed our business and gave us some advice.

    Independent business 40s Male

  • As a small business owner myself, I really learned a lot of lessons that will help me with my organizational management problems. What I felt especially strongly was the importance of gaining trust from a human perspective. I will make use of this in my future management. Thank you very much for your passionate class.

    Independent business 40s Male