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Dr. Hiroki Isono, an MBA graduate of our school, was featured in "Hospital Compass"

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Bringing Smiles to Patients, Providers, and Communities (January 1 and 15, 2021)

Alumnus Hiroki Isono

Dr. Hiroki Isono, an MBA graduate from NUCB Business School, has written an article entitled "Bringing Smiles to Patients, Medical Professionals, and the Community" which was published in the January 1-15, 2021 issue of Hospital Compass, a magazine for hospital managers. This article was a contribution to a special feature titled "Human Resources Required to Take Charge of Hospital Management and Drive the Organization."

Dr. Isono studied at our school with the aim of becoming a future hospital manager, based on the hypothesis that what is required of hospital management personnel can be learned through an MBA. In the article, he describes in detail how he realized that general medicine, his specialty, and management are similar, how he acquired basic knowledge of management, logical thinking, decision-making, and execution skills through case method classes, and how he used these skills in the medical field. The book shows firsthand that obtaining an MBA is an option for those who will be responsible for hospital management in the future.

Profile of Dr. Hiroki Isono
Dr. Hiroki Isono is Medical Director in the Department of General Medicine at HITO Hospital. He received his M.D. in 2018 and M.B.A. in 2020 from NUCB Business School while working in the General Medicine Group at Tsukuba University Hospital. In April 2020, he and his wife were transferred to HITO Hospital in Ehime Prefecture, which is based on the concept of "supporting life," to realize their dream of "bringing smiles to patients, medical professionals, and the community" through their work at the hospital. They are currently recruiting colleagues to work with them to spread general medicine in Shikoku. Dr. Isono is a specialist in general internal medicine, intensive care medicine, family medicine, and is a medical advisor.

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