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Student Report: Trip to Ena and Magome

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Alan Lapira, one of our double degree students from France, joined a trip to Ena City and Magome and detailed his experience in the following report.

Woodblock printing

The trip to Ena City and Magome organized by the School was an enriching experience. Indeed, I discovered places that I ignored before coming to Japan! Magome is a traditional city especially known to be one of the several steps of the Nakasendo road which linked Kyoto to Tokyo during the Edo period. We walked along the main road to experience this famous traditional journey.

At Ena City, we did different activities. We started by visiting the Hiroshige Museum where we could see many Japanese traditional paintings. We also had the chance to practice the Woodblock Print overprinting. It was the traditional Japanese way to print and we all made wonderful paintings. I am particularly proud of my Fuji san painting.

After this we went to the Ooi Juku area where we learned more about Kabuki, a traditional Japanese show. The kabuki rules make this performance unique in the world. The staff taught us how to start a kabuki show. He really enjoyed the enthusiasm of the people we met there.

This trip was also an opportunity for me to meet new students I am not in classes with. It was a nice experience to meet younger students who are from all over the world. I sincerely hope to meet them again at other events. Maybe at a nomikai-- who knows!