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Lecture on Behavioral Economics by Dr. Dan Qin

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Dr. Dan Qin commenced his lecture on “Behavioral Economics”, a mandatory core module for the Masters in Management (MiM) program. Behavioral Economics studies psychological, cognitive, cultural, and social factors that shape the decision-maker’s behavior in the economic environment. This course focuses on a selection of behavioral economic models essential in understanding consumer behavior. Students will emphasize intuition and real-life experience.

Dr. Qin started the lecture by highlighting the role of economic models in behavioral economics; how behavioral data and models are used to predict future behavior and how they are interlinked with past models. He talked about rational choice and its limitations and gave a brief overview of the upcoming lectures.

Professor Dan Qin

Dr. Qin used a business case to introduce the behavioral pattern and using the breakout room function of the online learning platform challenged students to discuss and share their opinions on how consumer behavior violates the rational choice hypothesis in behavioral economics. He also highlighted various channels of marketing while referencing some cases and discussed those key elements related to marketing & promotions through online/offline marketing strategies.

Dr. Qin’s research expertise focuses on behavioral economic theory, seeking to provide testable conditions for various behavioral economic models, which is crucial for the robustness of predictions made using these models.

Profile of Professor Dan Qin