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New Students Welcomed at Fall 2021 Semester Orientation & Welcome Party

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Orientation Session

The International Affairs team welcomed new exchange students and MBA/MSc in Management degree candidates enrolling for the Fall 2021 semester. Carrying out orientation sessions both virtually and on campus, Assistant Director John Kang and the International Affairs team explained practical information about the School's history, pedagogy, and policy to prepare new students to make the most of their time at our institution.

Students living in Japan attended the session on campus, while those who have not been able to travel to Japan joined via Zoom from overseas.

This fall, more than 50 international students representing different nationalities joined the program, making NUCB Business School one of the most ethnically diverse business schools in Japan.

Dean Kitahara also delivered a warm welcome address to all new students, underscoring the importance of applying their education to their practical experiences in the workplace.


Welcome Party

The International Affairs team also conducted a virtual welcome party for students joining us this Fall 2021. As many students have not yet arrived in Japan and will begin taking courses via online platforms, the party was also conducted using online platforms and students from all over the world participated remotely. Current students also joined the party to welcome their new classmates.

The party started with icebreaker questions in rapid-fire breakout groups, followed by various activities such as a trivia challenge and guessing games.

The main purpose of this party was to establish a strong connection among students and promote extracurricular activities.