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Register now for our Blockchain Provenance Symposium!

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Blockchain Symposium

We are proud to host the inaugural Blockchain Provenance Symposium, sponsored by the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) and Kenja Corporation. Held over two days, the symposium focuses on showcasing leading academic research and the experience of industry experts. The brightest minds in the blockchain community will gather to bridge gaps in knowledge through discussion and exchange, equipping business leaders and academics with information about how this disruptive technology can be harnessed to transform corporations and ensure competitive advantage.

Further, by hosting a forum for experts to engage with one another, the symposium will promote new innovative ideas and bring thought leadership in the blockchain space to the forefront, encouraging the next generation of researchers and industry experts.

Please find the newly updated information related to the speakers who are industry and academic experts for this symposium by using the link.

Confirmed speakers and panelists include:

Ted Katagi - CEO of Kenja, and faculty member of NUCB Business School  
Sandra Ro - CEO of GBBC  
Wendy Charles - Chief Scientific Officer, BurstIQ  
Patrick Duffy - President, Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA)  
John Greaves - Director, Global Standards, Architecture, Conformity and Propagation  
Richard Wang - Partner at DFJDragon Fund/ DraperDragon Fund  
Jenny Yang - Founder & CEO of Star Consulting, BlockGlobe  
Louie Wong ​- Faculty member of NUCB Business School

Join us in learning and gaining insights from the leaders in the blockchain field!

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