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MBA parallel course offerings begin

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MBA programs with many students often hold multiple classes with the same subject and content simultaneously. This practice is known as holding “parallel courses.” The Tokyo campus will finally begin offering parallel courses beginning this fall term. Naturally, our MBA lectures have not been standardized; each and every lecture and the case studies featured are tailor-made, so there are advantages and disadvantages to holding parallel courses. Harvard Business School, however, holds a shocking nine parallel classes at the same time.

  • Are the courses’ learning goals identical?
  • Are the professors similar?
  • Are the case studies used similar?
  • Are the grading methods similar?

These and other questions pose numerous dilemmas regarding the implementation of parallel courses for every business school—and at the instructor level as well. We believe, however, that the way in which we begin offering our parallel courses is very important. Therefore, we have been making preparations for one year and will be introducing the courses on a gradual basis. Our parallel course offerings will begin at our Tokyo campus and will feature our strongest professors, so we hope you’re looking forward to them.