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Fall 2018 Matriculation Ceremony

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The Class of 2020 at the NUCB Business School was officially enrolled on Saturday, September 15th with a matriculation ceremony bringing together all students attend the graduate school of management in Nagoya, Tokyo and Osaka. Newly enrolled students attended the formal welcoming which included an introduction to the key faculty and a thought message from Dean Yasutomi Kitahara.

As the school continues to expand at three strategic locations in Japan – in the East (Tokyo), in the West (Osaka) and centrally (in Nagoya) – the matriculation is one of a few opportunities for students to meet new contacts and start the important process of building the network of highly skilled and highly motivated professionals within Japan.
International students enjoy the opportunity to start building their local contacts as friends or as potential business associates. To break the ice among all the new faces, a break in the orientation for Japanese program students affords all students to play a business card exchange challenge.

Students have a few minutes to exchange as many business cards as possible with the winner receiving a novelty prize from the NUCB Business School. In a country where professional connections are still traditional and based on face-to-face interactions, and not relying on social networking like LinkedIn, this is a unique and valuable experience for all students who start the journey as the Class of 2020 together!

The NUCB Business School has 113 elite global partner institutions in 51 countries around the world. As the most globally oriented business school in Central Japan and one of the top leading business schools in all of Japan, the emphasis on study abroad and international exchange is a key driver of the mission at the NUCB Business School. For details about the double degree program and procedures for new applicants and current students please visit our dedicated page "international Program."