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Fall 2018 International Student Welcome Party

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On a brisk Tuesday evening in downtown Nagoya, the exterior terrace of the NUCB Business School became alive with music, food and entertainment as the graduate school of management hosted the “International Student Welcome Party” for students in Fall 2018 enrollment. The atmosphere was like a festival and participants could see the offices workers in the windows of nearby buildings looking at the event with interest – some local salary-men even wanted to join the party!

The welcome party has become one of the traditions for newly enrolled students at the NUCB Business School. A record number of participants – new students and students from previous semesters – including many of the new Global Leader Program faculty joined the party sponsored by the NUCB President Kurimoto. Staff prepared a mixture of food including pizza and sushi but as a very special treat tempura was cooked fresh for great meal and celebratory drinks.

To kick off the party, a short introduction was made by the primary case advisor of the Global Leader Program, Prof. Seiichiro Iwasawa. Prof. Iwasawa introduced the faculty and staff to the students while a slide show presentation of each student played on a background screen that showed the nationality and home institution of the students. As part of the entertainment, students were treated to a show of Kenbu – which is known as “Japanese Sword Dance” by one of the school’s alumni who is starting-up an entertainment business in traditional Japanese performances for special events.

The NUCB Business School has 113 elite global partner institutions in 51 countries around the world. As the most globally oriented business school in Central Japan and one of the top leading business schools in all of Japan, the emphasis on study abroad and international exchange is a key driver of the mission at the NUCB Business School. For details about the double degree program and procedures for new applicants and current students please visit our dedicated page "international Program."