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International MBA Week in Rome

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Earlier this Fall, regular MBA degree student from the Global Leader Program, Marius Klein, was in Rome, Italy where he spent one week at the MBA International Week hosted by partner institution LUISS Business School. The core of the program is to utilize the business school as facilitator between a sponsor company and international mix of MBA students from around the world to work on a problem facing the company. Of course, students also had the chance to experience Italian culture.

Among the participants in the program, a total of eight business schools were represented from nine distinct nationalities that ensured the program would be truly international. The students were tasked with the concept of “Embracing the Future in Art Management” and focused their entire week on the case of Scuderie del Quirinale. The Scuderie del Quirinale is a museum in Rome, which wants to represent the Italian heritage and thus be the flagship museum in all of Italy. The specific problem the group had to ask was: How can a museum that has no own collection become more attractive to people?

Marius summarized his experience overall in the following way – “The combination of working on a completely new topic, meeting new people from different backgrounds and cultures as well as the fact that we had the chance to present findings of a case study to the actual management team of the company, made this week more than worth it. I feel like I have learned somethings in this MBA International Week at LUISS Business School that I would have never learned otherwise in my life. This fact plus the fact that I could grow my network even further, made this an experience that I could only recommend to anybody else!”

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