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[Class Report] Entrepreneurship and Family Business

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Professor Francisco Roman visited the NUCB Business School once again in 2018 to offer his course on Entrepreneurship and Family Business. Based in the Philippines at the renowned Asian Institute of Management, Prof. Roman's background as a researcher and practitioner in Asian developing industries and businesses is well established. His work experience covers three areas and industries: (1) agribusiness industries, such as sugar, coconut and palm oil plantations and high value products such as fruit and nut exports and aquaculture sea-foods; (2) family firms and entrepreneurship in real estate and construction, banking, fast moving consumer goods and bread and bakery products, (3) capacity-building for entrepreneurs in the Mekong Region, and (4) responsibility and governance in industrial estates and low-cost housing projects, schools and universities, power plants and mining firms.

The course he provided is very close to the organization of many companies based in Nagoya as well. In fact, the NUCB Business School is a specialist institution in family business succession and entrepreneurship. The overview of this course is as follows; All family firms begin as enterprises. But not all owner-founder firms become family firms. This course will analyze the problems and opportunities for entrepreneurship and growth IN or BY family firms.

Family firms, particularly the larger diversified conglomerates, are a dominant presence in Asia and in other parts of the business world. Family firms even dominate some global industries such as hotels and HK-based global supply chains. A manager might be part of a family business, work under a family-controlled firm, or deal with one. Even if an individual is not involved in any way in a family firm, the course provides concepts and frameworks unique to family business planning and development that are applicable to one’s own family.

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