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New Courses on Risk Management

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Dr. Tom Houghton introduced two new courses to the NUCB Business School in the Fall 2018 academic year. With a background in sustainable energy economics and financing and previous courses on ‘Green Finance’ and ‘Climate Change and Innovation’ this year was the first time Dr. Houghton led a course on the topic of ‘Risk Management.’ Over the first weekend in December, he held the course called “Risk Management and Corporate Governance” for the Executive Education program and in the following week taught the intensive weekday course “Risk Management and Sustainability” in the Global Leader Program. Dr. Houghton is a visiting professor who truly embodies the “practitioner instructor” model, having completed an MBA at London Business School and subsequently working for 8 years in corporate finance reaching the position of Director at Nomura International in London. With his PhD from the University of Strathclyde he has also held a research and academic teaching position at Curtin University in Australia.

The objective of Risk Management and Sustainability was to introduce students to a wide range of concepts and techniques for identifying, managing and communicating risk a holistic way that prioritizes appropriate responses by taking a structed approach to the issue of risk management, strategy development and the implementation of systems and cultures likely to promote a risk-aware organization. By using cases on AGL, Air Canada, Aetna Inc, Deepwater Horizon and Nissan, for example, students will develop the skills to analyze risk requirements and demonstrate how the concepts relate to management decisions and provide a critique of corporate governance processes and how well they address the needs of corporate social responsibility.

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