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[Class Report] Business Plan

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Does a company require a business plan in order to launch and reach a sustainable level?
Has the need for a business plan in forming new companies changed in the last 20, 15 or 5 years?
Prof. Nigel Denscombe lead a four-day intensive weekday course as part of the MIM (Master of Science in Management) degree course that teaches students the key elements of a business plan, it’s purpose and how to appropriately leverage a plan into action. As Prof. Denscombe explains in his course syllabus, “Business Plan will enable participants to understand how to put together and recommend a well thought out “business plan” for any business situation (big or small) - whether it be for an overall existing business enterprise or focused business unit issue or new market entry or start-up or whatever - that not only fits the future expectations but also logically analyzes the current situation and explores all viable options to come up with a decision on what business plan best fits the analysis and stakeholder need”

As a final project, student work together in groups to produce a capstone business plan that reflects the first three days of the course. Is it possible you will see one of these business plans as a real company in the near future?

Prof. Nigel Denscombe is a new kind of “hybrid” businessperson standing at the intersection of two key roles: global manager/owner and business educator. This is why in 2001 he created a Tokyo/New York firm, Denscombe Corporation (, to “bridge” business and education by providing strategic management solutions for repositioning/creating sustainable value propositions for corporate clients and business schools, and also by providing management education solutions for them as well.