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Course Introduction: Business Issues and Ethics

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Corporate leaders may be able to competently assess financial and economic risks when planning their next move, but ethical issues can be less quantifiable. The mishandling of business ethics may damage organizational reputation and legitimacy in community/society, which in turn impinges on the survival and sustainability of the business.

This advanced level business course focuses on specific issues relating to business ethics and business decision-making, aiming to generate debates and develop unique insights into some of the critical issues faced by business managers that involve morality elements. Case studies employed in class not only serve as a platform for mutual learning amongst students in an educational setting, but also enable students to apply the theories and models taught and equip them with sound analytical skills which will have a significant impact on their future career.

Dr. Law is an Associate Professor in the area of management at NUCB. He received his PhD from City University of Hong Kong. Prior to joining NUCB, he worked at the Open University of Hong Kong as an Assistant Professor.

He has extensive experiences in delivering business management courses, in English, at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. His major academic interests include knowledge management and human resource management. His work has been published in book, book chapter and international referred journals.