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"Case Writing Seminar" by Prof. Goi

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Professor Goi conducted the 5th online session of the semester-long Case Writing seminar course, which is a capstone module for the MBA Program. Students will need to fulfill the requirements of completing their business case and insight notes through this course. The case study should reflect any chosen organization’s perspective as well as their own, showing the challenges, issues and opportunities faced by the decision-makers while laying out a factual story about the situation from which readers can draw insights and conclusions.

Insight notes are written for the purposes of the course instructor and include the case synopsis, its learning objectives, as well as the case questions, providing the strategic framework for uncovering the answers to these questions so they can be effectively taught in a course using the case method style of teaching.

As many students are working on their final submissions which they will have to present and defend in front of two faculty members at the end of their degree program, this course has kept them on track by assessing their progress and helping them to analyze and understand the framework of a case. In his course, Prof. Goi explores ideal examples of well-composed cases to illustrate more specifically the different components of a case. Students also shared working drafts of their own cases and their presentations.

Prof. Goi Hoe Chin Biography:
Dr Goi received his Doctorate degree in Media and Governance from Keio University and Master of Business Administration in Waseda University. His research fields include Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking. In additional, Dr Goi has rich experience in management research on student-based venture creation in University, especially in Japan and ASEAN region.

Currently, Dr Goi has designed and employed “Collaborative based Design Thinking” model for the purpose of creating social impact in local towns. Leveraging on the diverse network and resources, Dr Goi collaborated with local community leaders, real estate corporation and non-profit organisation to experiment his model at several Japanese regional towns in Kanagawa, Chiba, Gifu and Aichi prefectures.

Prior to his academic and research work, Dr Goi has possessed diverse working experienced in private, government and non-profit sector in Singapore for more than 10 years.

In addition, Dr Goi has contributed to the development and implementation of regional policies, and organised community and welfare projects that created social impact on the local community. Furthermore, Dr Goi has served at Assistant Director in National Volunteerism and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) to develop partnership and provide consultation on corporate social responsibility (CSR) program for several corporation, such as, Avanade (Asia) and DHL (Singapore).

Academic Background: Ph.D. Keio University

Specialized Field: Entrepreneurship, Dynamic Capability, Design Thinking and Case study methodology.