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Networking Event: "COVID-19 Through the Eyes of Others"

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The NUCB Business School International Affairs team conducted an online networking event, bringing together our international students to discuss the influence of the pandemic.

With the majority of communications, education and all kinds of other services transitioned to an online format, in times of crisis, different organizations and individuals are forced to adapt to their changing circumstances and react with unique responses. This event provided an opportunity for students to share their own thoughts and experiences over Zoom through a series of open-ended discussion questions.

Students shared their experiences of the pandemic situation and its impact upon their usual personal and professional lives. The current job market is struggling, as many companies are downsizing and have frozen hiring processes. A Japanese student talked about the changing environment and how it has affected her personal life. Students contributed by describing how their dining and shopping habits have changed and novel, different ways to deal with unprecedented circumstances.

With spring semester courses having ended, students are enjoying more leisure time in preparation for the hard work that awaits them in September. The event gave our international students an opportunity to unwind, reflect on the first half of 2020, and learn from each other outside of class without necessitating a public gathering.