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Virtual Lecture on Strategic Negotiation

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Strategic Negotiation is a mandatory module for the GLP MBA students, in which they gain practical management skills for business negotiations. While the emphasis is on practical ability and application, key vocabulary and concepts are introduced that enable participants to easily communicate with other professionals. The course content identifies ethical and cross-cultural issues that will be of long-term value throughout careers in a variety of fields. Students are also expected to apply their knowledge and skills from their own experiences working and taking courses.

The course was taught by visiting professor from Kyoto University Dr. William Baber, who led discussion about global tech cases, identifying specific negotiation tactics for certain situations and differentiating between distributive and integrative negotiations. Prof. Baber highlighted the central stakeholder’s relationship with shareholders, and explained when and how they should be taken on board as a part of the design strategy process. Taking into account the importance of repeat relationships in determining future negotiation strategy, Prof. Baber explained the use of integrative approaches for value creation in distributive and integrative negotiations.

The goal of the course is to endow participants with an understanding of the role of strategic negotiation both broadly and specifically, and a variety of planning tools with knowledge of how to use them appropriately. Participants from around the world learn not only how to take actions to ensure a proper agreement is borne of negotiations, but also how to recognize cross-cultural pitfalls that may disrupt the process.

Prof. William Baber Biography:
Dr. William did his PhD on intercultural adjustment of expatriate workers in Japan, 2016 from University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Masters of Education, 2004, University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus. Bachelor of Arts degree in German, 1986, Washington and Lee University. His work has included economic development in the State of Maryland, language services in the Washington, DC area, supporting business starters in Japan, and teaching business students in Japan and Europe.

He taught in the Economics and Business Administration Departments of Ritsumeikan University, Japan, before joining the Graduate School of Management at Kyoto University where he is Associate Professor. His main topics of instruction are Negotiation, Cross Cultural Management, and Management Communication. He is lead author of the 2015 textbook “Practical Business Negotiation.”

Academic Background: Ph.D. (Cognitive Psychology) University of Jyväskylä

Specialized Field: Business Negotiation, Cross Cultural Management.