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Case Writing Tutorial by Prof. Law

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This past week, Dr. Law conducted his first on-campus session of the Case Writing seminar, a capstone module of the Global Leader Program. By the end of their program, MBA and Masters of Science in Management (MIM) candidates are expected to have completed their own original business cases. The basic framework and tools for case research, case writing, and case presentation are introduced through the Case Writing series of seminar sessions.

The case study should reflect their chosen organizationʼs perspective as well as their own, showing the challenges, issues and opportunities faced by the decision-maker (case protagonist) while laying out a factual story about the situation.Insight notes will include the case synopsis and its learning objectives, the case questions, and most importantly the framework and strategic solutions to these questions seen through the studentʼs unique perspective but with a foundation in underlying theory.

Dr. Law highlighted the case writing style along with references and analysis of the case. In his course, he explores ideal examples of well-composed cases to illustrate more specifically the different components of a case and asking students to explain their point of view on the perspective and situational factors.

Prof. Kuok Kei Law Biography:
Dr. Kuok Kei Law gained his PhD from City University of Hong Kong in 2011. Prior to joining the NUCB, he has been working as a Lecturer and an Assistant Professor at the Open University of Hong Kong between 2010 and 2019. He has extensive experiences in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

His research interests include knowledge management, human resource management, and sports management. His work has appeared in internationally renowned journals such as Journal of Knowledge Management and European Management Journal.

Academic Background: Ph.D. City University of Hong Kong

Specialized Field: Knowledge Management, Human Resource Management.