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[Student Publication] Backcast Thinking : Thinking Method Learned in "Case Writing" of NUCB Business School

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While studying at NUCB Business School, an EMBA student has consolidated the most valuable insights he has gained from studying and writing business cases to publish a book about an analytical style he refers to as "backcast thinking.”

With an English translation by student of the MBA in English program Ms. Monica Chinn to be released concurrently, we hope you will be picking up a copy!

Like other students of NUCB Business School, the author has participated in courses taught in the case method style throughout his studies and, as the culmination of his degree program, has begun his own case delving into a specific research subject of his choosing.

In consideration of how case method study at NUCB Business School has influenced his way of thinking, this book introduces various tools for evolving ideas into a final product, and thinking methods that are essential for project management. With only a 30-minute read, the lessons of case method can impact and benefit both students of MBA programs and professionals operating in the real world.