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"Leadership Development" by Prof. Andrew Chan

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Prof. Andrew Chan, a visiting professor at NUCB BS conducted an online lecture on “Leadership Development”, an elective module for MBA students of the Global Leader Program. This course is designed to enable students to prepare themselves to become a leader of organizations and to create a dynamic personal leadership development plan.

Leadership development requires personal curiosity and reflection as well as personal openness and sharing in class discussions, group discussions, and one on one sessions with the professor. Leadership development concepts used in this course will be immediately applicable for students and useful for the rest of their lives.

Prof. Andrew discussed various cases to highlight the concepts of leadership journey in professional lives and how self-awareness and motivated capabilities support in changing the leadership roles from time to time. He also used various leadership models and learning videos from famous tech and startup leaders and showed how they transform their leadership developments into global corporate leaderships. Students also shared their experiences in context to their home countries about some certain cases related to integrated leadership.

By the end of the course, students are able to understand the various leadership concepts,
and equipped with ideas, techniques, and tools to assist themselves in their lifelong leadership development journey.